So I sit here eating a peice of peanut butter pie. T’was my birthday cake. (Happy Birthday To Me)

I just have to say I have nothing! I HAVE an entire folder of pictures and half written blog posts. But I still have nothing! Nothing to say, write, post, whatever. Don’t get me wrong, I have stories. Like this one…

My daughter (MacKenzie) just turned ten months. She has been advanced in everything so far. (I’m so proud) Since the second month she slept through the night. Like twelve hours a night. Talk about heaven to a new mother. She got her teeth early. Although she wasn’t really cranky, she had a little distrupted sleep. And so the heavenly peace has now ended. Up every two hours. Only wanting to be held. And literally asleep once you pick her up. I was told that was a no no. Really? How can I let my child sit and scream. Her Lungs running out of air. I can hear her gasping for breath. NO WAY! I run in and give in to her demands. Does that make me a bad mother? Spoiling my baby girl for just and hour of sleep. So I started this week putting her on a schedule. The same schedule she had before the teething started. Not only has it been hard on me, it’s been hard on my husband (Tim) as well. But it doesn’t seem to bother MacKenzie. She is just the same old laughing baby girl. We shall see how it goes with the new schedule. Hopefully that takes care of the sleepless nights.

I posted a picture of my baby girl. Now tell me you could resist the urge to go in and scoop her up too! And look at all those teeth!



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  1. #1 by yomicfit on August 30, 2012 - 12:50 am

    How adorable is she?!!
    Happy Birthday!

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