Sunday Blessings

First allow me to apologize for my absence. My family is moving soon and we have been very busy remodeling our new home. Please hang in there with me.

My weekend was great. A nice break from the hard work we have been doing on our house. A big basket of gratitude goes out to my family who as well, have been working their butts off helping us.

On Sunday my family went down to my husband’s parents house. It takes about an hour and ten minutes to get there. On our way the my husband got a fire call, which turns out to be in the same path we were driving. That set us behind a half an hour. The woman was traveling around a turn and didn’t slow down and she went air-borne into a cow pasture but hit a few poles on her way.

My baby girl in the back seat managed to stay asleep the whole time. We have to get up early to get to Grandma’s house on time for church. So she generally sleeps in the van on the way down.

We always stop for breakfast at McDonald’s. They have the best Frappe’s. I only get them every two weeks so I truly look forward to it. We ordered Kenz Hotcakes, just in case she was hungry when she woke up even though she ate a few hours ago. The sign said 3 hotcakes $2.95. So we asked for 3 hotcakes. They gave use three separate orders. Leaving us with nine hotcakes. We didn’t realize it till we were almost to his mom’s. And we weren’t turning around to return them either.

Upon exiting the off ramp of the highway, stood a man and his dog. A homeless man running up to vehicles whom drivers were handing him money. One driver got out of his car and placed a case of water about half way down the exit ramp. We kept driving. About a mile out I remembered the hotcakes. TURN AROUND, TURN AROUND. I said sitting up in a rush. When we arrived back at the ramp, we saw the poor man carrying the case of water up the ramp. His dog waiting patiently at the top. We waited on the pull off and handed him the hotcakes. “I’ll take them” he said “God bless” I wished him luck and moved on.

A huge rush ran through my body. I am assuming that is an adrenaline rush. What I felt at that moment is what my husband must feel when he runs his fire calls and helps those people. There is nothing like it. I wish I could do more. And I plan to.


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