Weekend High

The high of my weekend was finding a piece of history in my Mom’s barn.

Reading wasn’t much of a pastime for me as it was for my sisters. I was more of a writer. But I remember the shelves in our rooms filled with books. Our house growing up had an extra wide hallway. And in it was a full length book shelf filled end to end with encyclopedias, national geographic and I think a few dictionaries.

Oh the dictionaries! Whenever I used a word out of context or asked how to spell a word, my Mother would always reply “Look it up!”. That annoyed me so bad. But I learned so much that way. I also learned that the word ignorant doesn’t mean “rude” like most people think it does. That word seems (to me) to be the most misused word in context…EVER!

Ignorant: without knowledge of

Trust me I had to look it up a hundred times.

So anyway, while cleaning up my mothers porch getting ready for the warm weather. We took the winter wood off the porch and stored it in the barn.

In the back of the barn were shelves piled with boxes that had our names on them.

I had to be nosey.

They were books from our childhood!


Oh how lovely! We took them down and cleaned them up. Oh the memories just flowed across the table just bouncing from person to person. Some of the books are from the 50’s. There were old puzzles there too. surprisingly the pieces were all there. Almost!

Now my daughter will have a peice of me sitting on her bookshelves for years to come.



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