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A Big Disapointment

I am not at all bit surprised that I couldn’t do it. I do feel a bit ashamed to be posted that fact. The first day was great. Then…not so much. I did walk though. I just felt so lazy. I know not to make excuses but I am full of them. Thus starts the beginning of week two. Yesterday was day one of week two. And yes I got up off my but and did it. My legs hurt, my butt hurts, my arms hurt, my hair even hurts! But I WILL accomplish my goal…It may take longer then I had hoped but I can do it!



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Jello Jigglers

Recently on Pinterest I saw a post that states “Couch to 5K in 12 Weeks”. I looked at it, considered it, even posted it on Facebook. Eh, never thought of it since. That is until my pants got a little bit tighter. And I still let the thought slip my mind. Today while picking green beans from the bountiful garden (so proud) my sister came up to me and was complaining about how she has felt like crap lately. I proceeded to explain I too felt like crap. With this heat I just don’t feel like heating up the house with cooking. Of course we have a grill and could do everything on it. But never happened. We settle for lunch meat sandwiches and cereal. Not much of a meal. Satisfies enough but we aren’t getting the nutrition we need to make us feel good. Anyway as I ramble…She said “hey remember the couch to 5K?” Lets start today. I looked at her, lifted my eye brows and said “Really? Ugg. I guess so.”

So today I started the project. I’ve attached a chart to show what exactly it is. Now I’m not in shape what so ever! So we didn’t follow the chart exactly. But we will. We just started by walking and jogging when we could. Not even sure we could jog without dying. But believe it or not we managed! Mainly me. Years ago when I was at my biggest, and a smoker, I tried to run (thinking I was an athlete) and I about died. Not really but it felt like it. My heart protruded out of my chest, I couldn’t breathe, and just wanted to collapse and have someone come pick me up. I didn’t even want to walk back the twenty feet that I ran. However since then I have lost weight, had a baby, and the biggest accomplishment…quit smoking! Thank you, thank you. Its been 8 months. So running now wasnt as hard as I thought. I could breathe!

Being overweight I was so embarrassed to run in public. Nothing like driving by a fat person running along side the road and watching her boobs bouncing off her chin. That’s what I felt like. I bet you’re wondering, ‘whats with the title’. Well, yes I will admit. I was so humiliated in my own mind when I took those first few jogging steps only to hear my fat smacking against itself. I told my sister, no way do I feel that big. And I truly didn’t think I was until I heard that. It was like a reality check. So hopefully I can continue with the project and will try to post updates on my progress. Wish me luck.




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