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My Recipe Binder

For many years I have collected recipes from magazines.  Until they invented smart phones, I would rip the pages out the magazine, stash them where ever I had space to do so. Now all you have to do is snap a picture with your phone and save it.

Have you ever been in a doctors office looking through a magazine, patiently waiting for your name to be called. Your foot tapping the floor. You fidget in your chair. But then you see this recipe. A meal you have always wanted to make. Your foot stops tapping, you sit straight up in your chair. That is it. Ill make this for dinner this week. Yummy. “Turn to page 78 for recipe” Frantically you feed through to page 78 before your nurse calls you back. “flip, flip, flip. Lick fingers. Flip. Page 77. Flip. Page 80”. What where is it?

I took it yesterday while I waited to be seen. Yep it was me. I looked around the room. No one was watching. RIP. FOLD. Stuff in purse. Smile. Sadly I never made it. I got thrown onto that pile to collect dust.

So this week I was just tired of the “piles” sitting around. In an attempt to clean them out I just couldn’t throw out that recipe that could have been yours and made your family so happy. That would be just plain mean. So I made this book.



I simply filed each recipe into a binder. Its not the prettiest book. I didn’t spend any money on it. I had everything at home stashed in another pile. But now my piles are all cleaned up and I have a wonderful book with all the collections!

My goal is to cook through this book. I am by no means a great cook. I can bake! I can whip up a sweet treat with out a recipe and it will taste great. But to put oil in a pan and “sear” meat. Or add heavy cream to corn. Really? Do you do that? I don’t. I grew up on meat grilled and potatoes fried. Easy enough right. I never learned how to actually cook like a pro.

Though the recipes I have saved aren’t pro cooking, they still have that tasteful flare. And I have only made two recipes from my book so far. (I will be posting them then) But as I was making them I felt like a real cook. I sauteed this. I marinated that. The results. Delicious food. That I made.

I hope you follow me in my great adventure in trying new foods and new ways of making those foods, with ingredients I didn’t know you could put together.


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Weekend High

The high of my weekend was finding a piece of history in my Mom’s barn.

Reading wasn’t much of a pastime for me as it was for my sisters. I was more of a writer. But I remember the shelves in our rooms filled with books. Our house growing up had an extra wide hallway. And in it was a full length book shelf filled end to end with encyclopedias, national geographic and I think a few dictionaries.

Oh the dictionaries! Whenever I used a word out of context or asked how to spell a word, my Mother would always reply “Look it up!”. That annoyed me so bad. But I learned so much that way. I also learned that the word ignorant doesn’t mean “rude” like most people think it does. That word seems (to me) to be the most misused word in context…EVER!

Ignorant: without knowledge of

Trust me I had to look it up a hundred times.

So anyway, while cleaning up my mothers porch getting ready for the warm weather. We took the winter wood off the porch and stored it in the barn.

In the back of the barn were shelves piled with boxes that had our names on them.

I had to be nosey.

They were books from our childhood!


Oh how lovely! We took them down and cleaned them up. Oh the memories just flowed across the table just bouncing from person to person. Some of the books are from the 50’s. There were old puzzles there too. surprisingly the pieces were all there. Almost!

Now my daughter will have a peice of me sitting on her bookshelves for years to come.


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Sunday Blessings

First allow me to apologize for my absence. My family is moving soon and we have been very busy remodeling our new home. Please hang in there with me.

My weekend was great. A nice break from the hard work we have been doing on our house. A big basket of gratitude goes out to my family who as well, have been working their butts off helping us.

On Sunday my family went down to my husband’s parents house. It takes about an hour and ten minutes to get there. On our way the my husband got a fire call, which turns out to be in the same path we were driving. That set us behind a half an hour. The woman was traveling around a turn and didn’t slow down and she went air-borne into a cow pasture but hit a few poles on her way.

My baby girl in the back seat managed to stay asleep the whole time. We have to get up early to get to Grandma’s house on time for church. So she generally sleeps in the van on the way down.

We always stop for breakfast at McDonald’s. They have the best Frappe’s. I only get them every two weeks so I truly look forward to it. We ordered Kenz Hotcakes, just in case she was hungry when she woke up even though she ate a few hours ago. The sign said 3 hotcakes $2.95. So we asked for 3 hotcakes. They gave use three separate orders. Leaving us with nine hotcakes. We didn’t realize it till we were almost to his mom’s. And we weren’t turning around to return them either.

Upon exiting the off ramp of the highway, stood a man and his dog. A homeless man running up to vehicles whom drivers were handing him money. One driver got out of his car and placed a case of water about half way down the exit ramp. We kept driving. About a mile out I remembered the hotcakes. TURN AROUND, TURN AROUND. I said sitting up in a rush. When we arrived back at the ramp, we saw the poor man carrying the case of water up the ramp. His dog waiting patiently at the top. We waited on the pull off and handed him the hotcakes. “I’ll take them” he said “God bless” I wished him luck and moved on.

A huge rush ran through my body. I am assuming that is an adrenaline rush. What I felt at that moment is what my husband must feel when he runs his fire calls and helps those people. There is nothing like it. I wish I could do more. And I plan to.

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Elmo’s World

So MacKenzie’s first birthday is arriving terribly fast. And Miss Procrastinter is not getting stuck scrambling for decorations the night before. You should see me at Christmas! I literally went shopping Christmas Eve day for everyone’s gift. That’s a story for a different day. My MacKenzie loves Elmo. She talks to him on the pretend phone. She hugs him and kisses him. And watches him everyday. She absolutely adores him. Therefore we have decided to have her first birthday party themed “Elmo”.

I am having a heck of a time deciding what to do, how to do it, is this too much? Too little? I don’t know if I should use the other characters of sesame street. Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Abby? She likes them all but she favors Elmo. I have been searching ideas for decorating. And don’t know if I want to go all out or keep it simple.

Any Suggestions?


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So I sit here eating a peice of peanut butter pie. T’was my birthday cake. (Happy Birthday To Me)

I just have to say I have nothing! I HAVE an entire folder of pictures and half written blog posts. But I still have nothing! Nothing to say, write, post, whatever. Don’t get me wrong, I have stories. Like this one…

My daughter (MacKenzie) just turned ten months. She has been advanced in everything so far. (I’m so proud) Since the second month she slept through the night. Like twelve hours a night. Talk about heaven to a new mother. She got her teeth early. Although she wasn’t really cranky, she had a little distrupted sleep. And so the heavenly peace has now ended. Up every two hours. Only wanting to be held. And literally asleep once you pick her up. I was told that was a no no. Really? How can I let my child sit and scream. Her Lungs running out of air. I can hear her gasping for breath. NO WAY! I run in and give in to her demands. Does that make me a bad mother? Spoiling my baby girl for just and hour of sleep. So I started this week putting her on a schedule. The same schedule she had before the teething started. Not only has it been hard on me, it’s been hard on my husband (Tim) as well. But it doesn’t seem to bother MacKenzie. She is just the same old laughing baby girl. We shall see how it goes with the new schedule. Hopefully that takes care of the sleepless nights.

I posted a picture of my baby girl. Now tell me you could resist the urge to go in and scoop her up too! And look at all those teeth!


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