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Frozen Banana Chocolate Treats

As this weather holds at a record breaking high, it makes you wonder how this summer is going to turn out. Either way, a frozen, tasty treat is the perfect solution! These weren’t difficult to make but were very annoying because of the freezing, thawing problem. I cut the bananas in slices. Put a little bit of peanut butter on them. Dipped them into the chocolate. And placed a slivered almond on the top. The problem was I froze the bananas first, and as I dipped them into the chocolate, the chocolate quickly solidified. It was a very fast process. The frozen bananas has started to thaw as well. So after rushing around we ended up pulling out only a few at a time and kept the rest in the freezer. That actually worked out perfect. But the crisp shell around the banana was perfect and the refreshing taste will leave you satisfied. You can even use dark chocolate for a heart healthy snack!




Yummy Yogurt Bites

When you were a kid, have you ever went to the freezer after school and hoped to find a cold frozen treat. Italian Ices, freeze pops, ice cream, even sherbert. Well I have this great idea. Frozen yogurt. Not the kind in the carton, the kind from the little cups in your refrigerator that sit in the back on the second shelf about to be expired. Well here is a thought…Freeze it! Open the container, scoop it out into a sandwich bag, snip the corner of the bag, and place small round circles on a cookie tray to create disks. Volah…you have a healthy frozen snack. In the dead of summer you’ll wish you had these.


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