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To Cache Or Not To Cache?

I have stumbled upon a wonderful discovery! Back in December I saw a new geocache pop up on the google map. In Blain! A local town. I thought I covered most of the caches in the county. I haven’t really fulfilled Blain yet. After just having a baby, scouring the wooded mountain was the last thing on my mind. So seeing a cache on the street was like finding a bag of cash. No pun intended! However once I was feeling better after delivery of my daughter, the cache was gone. Had I been so tired that I imagined it there. It was only four miles away. Come on. I wanted this one. One more number to add to my raising score. One more to check mark in my log book. NOOOO…Where had it gone? Well today I found out…

After stumbling upon a friend of a friend of a friend on facebook. (You know how that is…Right?) I seen she was a geocacher! And her family owned the shop that the cache was placed at. So by chance I emailed her and asked if she knew anything about it. Ah yes. As it turns out it was she who placed the cache. But had to remove it. She proceeded to say that she will be placing a cache in the Blain area sometime soon. Oh boy I can’t wait.


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