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Let’s Talk About “Snot”

Welcome to the fascinating world of Pennsylvania Dutch. The center of    it all, Lancaster, Pa. I am sure every state has an interesting  history deep into the depths of the woods worth talking about. Maybe I should dig up some information on that after my food challenge is finished and start a search on the history of food from each state. I hope the Food Network doesn’t already feature that. It seems like every great idea that I have and don’t put into play, the Food Network channel comes out with it first. Anyway, That’s me always getting sidetracked. Back to the reason you probably opened this post…you saw the word snot in the title of a food blog.  I am talking about mucilage, mucus, snot, but most commonly called “Cup Cheese”. I’m sure once one comes face to face with this stuff, one would call it so many other things.

I was at a friends house, whom is originally from Lancaster and they had this at their dinner table. I thought it can’t taste as bad as it looked. Pulling it up to my nose…or taste as bad as it smelled! It smelled like moldy vomit! But I had to taste it. And need I mention the only reason I got the gumption to try this is so I could introduce the “Snot” to my followers. At least those who don’t know what it is. If you are anything like me. Only ever eating a small variety of foods that are common, then you probably don’t know what Cup Cheese is.

Cup Cheese is a fat free, runny, gooey, cheese spread. You must have an acquired taste to eat this stuff. One of Lancaster’s oldest cheeses, found at Kiefer’s Smoked Meats and Cheese, is most often made by the Amish and Mennonites. This snotty cheese dates back long before the 17th century. The recipe on this particular “Shank’s” Cup Cheese calls for skim milk, water, culture, soda, and salt. While homemade recipes are more simple or more complex depending on the site you use. Somebody told me this cheese is like wine. It needs a natural aging process to become specifically ripened to taste. My opinion? Try it, see what you think. Eat a piece of history. Slurp and enjoy!



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