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Yummy Yum Breakfast

I have to get on the ball with posting for frequently. With summer right around the corner I have been busy, busy, busy. Helping out J.Lynn Nursery. Prepping, cutting, planting, packaging. So much work to be done. I get alot of my stuff from J. Lynn Nursery. They have fresh at your doorstep products! Anyways, I made this sandwhich for breakfast today. Nothing special but I thought I would share it with you. Its totally yummy.

An Egg sandwhich! Topped with spinach and cheese. With a little bit of mircle whip. Got my day started! I used Rosemary and Olive Oil Artisan FlatbreadĀ called Foldit. I love the Flatbread. Which I purchase from Wegman’s. They have the largest selection of breads that I have seen. Lovin It


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