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Pudgie Pie’s Challenge


To make homemade stromboli!


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Amazon’s “Pin It” Button

I have been telling my mom for many months now that I have been saving photos on my PC of things that I want for Christmas. And I have. But today I went onto and decided to create a wish list. My family uses to order most of the things they want or need. We live pretty far from civilization! Using the internet is so much more convenient. They are such frequent shoppers that it is beneficial for them to pay to have free shipping!

I don’t know if any of you are familiar with Pinterest. I’m sure you all are. Well Pinterest has a Pin It button. And now Amazon does too. (kind of) I am so in love with it. I took all those pictures I have saved up and found them and pinned them to my wish list.

Heres how it works. Log into your account on (Or create an account) On your header find “wish list” and drop down to find “create wish list”.

On the left hand side under “wish list tips” you’ll see “wish from any website”…”add items to your list from any site”



Follow the visual instructions…and vuala! You have created a magic button that organizes what you want with one click.

The best part…those of you who are fans of Amazon…The button allows you to compare prices to Amazons if the item you are tagging is sold by Amazon also.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about your list so they may find it easier to shop this year. Happy clicking.

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Walking Tacos | The Girl Who Ate Everything

I absolutely love this blog. “The Girl Who Ate Everything”. I found her through pinterest. Fell in love with her amazing photography and her stylish headlines. But recently I saw her post called “Walking Tacos”. What? Walking….Tacos? Its the most cleverest thing I have ever seen. And sounds so good. Its a taco in a bag! Check it out. You’ll love it!

Walking Tacos | The Girl Who Ate Everything.

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The Shock of Axe Shock

So the other day my husband came up to me all shy like and says, “You know that new body wash you bought me? Well, when I washed down there, there was a cooling, tingling sensation.” I busted out laughing. What? I thought something was wrong with him. I told him maybe he is just sensitive to the body wash.

So this morning while I took my shower I saw the body wash and was reading the label. ‘Cooling mint’, it said. Huh…the first thing I thought of was Head N’ Shoulders. They came out with a ‘Refresh’ many years back. And that when you wash your hair leaves a cooling minty sensation on your scalp. I love it. So I used the body wash. And let me tell you ladies…You’ve got to try this! Talk about cooling and tingly in places you least expect it! Quite the experience!

On a different note…I have a cold. and the mint circulated in the steam of the shower. Perfect for me. It allowed me to blow my nose completely. I could breathe…for a minute!

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Smashing Abraham

In 1893 the first elongated coin made its first appearance at the Columbian Expo. in Chicago. Several designs were issued to commodate the fair, and are available to coin collectors today.

An elongated coin is made by a coin, token or metal blank being forced between two steel rollers. An engraving is on one or both of the rollers and as the coin passes through the rollers it is squeezed or elongated under tremendous pressure from the original round shape to one of an oval and the engraved design impressed into the coin at the same time.

The rolling of elongated seemed to be rather popular for the first 23 years of their existence and a large amount were rolled between 1893 and 1916. Then for some unknown reason there was a slack period between 1916 and 1932. After 1932 momentum seemed to regenerate and the amount of coins rolled has steadily increased until today they are being produced at such a rapid rate that it is nearly impossible for a collector to keep up with them all.

And that’s where I started. In 2010, Tim and I planed a camping trip to Knoebels, in Elysburg, PA. Through out the part I found penny presses. And souvenir coin albums. I was so intrigued that I just HAD to collect them all with in the park. And I did. With the exception of a few expired ones on the list. And from then on, just like geocaching, I research before a trip to see if there are any penny presses on our way or at our destination. I have also collected a few at local stores like Bass Pro Shops and a few along the PA Turnpike.

Over the Labor Day weekend Tim’s mom invited us to go to Hershey Park for free with the family. Well heck yeah, we will take it. The problem is I don’t ride rides and MacKenzie is way too young to ride them too. But seeing how it is a free pass, I went, and had a blast. My family usually goes to Knoebels because there isnt an entry fee. Just pay as you ride. Which works out perfect in our case. Hershey Park’s entry fee is 56.95 per person (children 2yrs and under Free) So basically. If I would have bought our tickets, I would have paid nearly 60 dollars to sit and watch everyone ride rides. That would have sucked. Not to mention the cost of food. I bought 4 chicken fingers and 2 small boats of fries. Tim got a taco bowl. Our bill came to $45! Oh and 2 large drinks! Unreal!

Anyway the point of telling you all about Hershey Park was because while everyone was busy with their adrenalin rushes MacKenzie and I proceeded to venture out and look for the penny machines. There was no way I was able to collect all of them. But I got a few to start my Hershey Penny Book.

So Next time your out and about look for the machines. They are tucked in mostly amusement parks. But of course local attractions and travel lodges have them also. If you look closely after pressing the penny, you can see Abraham’s head smashed. So you know its your coin going in and your coin coming out. By the way the new shinier coins are the better ones to use. The press on a clearer image.

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The Versatile Blogger Award

After blogging for just a short period of time, I logged on to find that I have been nominated for a Versatile Blogger award by yomicfit.9. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that there are people reading my posts.

A special thanks to yomicfit for nominating me for “The Versatile Blogger Award” Stop by and check out her blog.

A few pieces of me:

1)  I love to be creative in an artistic way.

2)  I am inspired by people who think outside the box.

3)  I have learned to read people very well. I enjoy people watching.

4)  I enjoy listening to soul mood music.

5)  I love funky, gaudy jewelry.

6)  My favorite time of the day is resting my head on my pillow and cuddling with my hubby and my baby girl.

7)  I am addicted to peanut butter. I would go great lengths to get it.

Here are a few bloggers that I feel deserve to have this award too.






In order to accept this nomination you must :

A. Share 7 things about yourself

B. Nominate up to 15 other blogs for this award

(And tell them you nominated them)

C. And don’t forget to give a shout out to the person who nominated YOU!

D. Put the award logo on your blog.

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From Peace To Pee-ed

So after a long day of planting in the greenhouse and grocery shopping with the husband, we decided to build a campfire in the pit. After putting the baby down I retreated to the fire and just took a deep breath and sighed in the relief of putting up my tired feet. It is the night of the SuperMoon. For what we call…Farmer’s moon. When the moon shines its brightest. The fire is warm, and we are calm, conversation is getting deep, when all of a sudden we hear a pack of coyotes out in the woods howling to the SuperMoon. It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Knowing that coyotes wont come close to us I quickly relaxed back into the swing and continued to dig back into the depth of our conversation. When out of the blue a cat comes walking across the yard. Scared the living spirits out of me and I pee-ed just a little.

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Happy Easter




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