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My Recipe Binder

For many years I have collected recipes from magazines.  Until they invented smart phones, I would rip the pages out the magazine, stash them where ever I had space to do so. Now all you have to do is snap a picture with your phone and save it.

Have you ever been in a doctors office looking through a magazine, patiently waiting for your name to be called. Your foot tapping the floor. You fidget in your chair. But then you see this recipe. A meal you have always wanted to make. Your foot stops tapping, you sit straight up in your chair. That is it. Ill make this for dinner this week. Yummy. “Turn to page 78 for recipe” Frantically you feed through to page 78 before your nurse calls you back. “flip, flip, flip. Lick fingers. Flip. Page 77. Flip. Page 80”. What where is it?

I took it yesterday while I waited to be seen. Yep it was me. I looked around the room. No one was watching. RIP. FOLD. Stuff in purse. Smile. Sadly I never made it. I got thrown onto that pile to collect dust.

So this week I was just tired of the “piles” sitting around. In an attempt to clean them out I just couldn’t throw out that recipe that could have been yours and made your family so happy. That would be just plain mean. So I made this book.



I simply filed each recipe into a binder. Its not the prettiest book. I didn’t spend any money on it. I had everything at home stashed in another pile. But now my piles are all cleaned up and I have a wonderful book with all the collections!

My goal is to cook through this book. I am by no means a great cook. I can bake! I can whip up a sweet treat with out a recipe and it will taste great. But to put oil in a pan and “sear” meat. Or add heavy cream to corn. Really? Do you do that? I don’t. I grew up on meat grilled and potatoes fried. Easy enough right. I never learned how to actually cook like a pro.

Though the recipes I have saved aren’t pro cooking, they still have that tasteful flare. And I have only made two recipes from my book so far. (I will be posting them then) But as I was making them I felt like a real cook. I sauteed this. I marinated that. The results. Delicious food. That I made.

I hope you follow me in my great adventure in trying new foods and new ways of making those foods, with ingredients I didn’t know you could put together.


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