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What I have been up to…

Good day to my Pudgie followers! So much as been happening. I have officially launched my very own small business!

Its still very much in the fresh stage. I’v been taking it to shows and selling has been unexpectedly great!

I have created PUDDS. Aka…Pudgie’s Utterly Delicious Delights.

I am working on building a web site so people can order my product. But until that happens I will be just doing shows.

Here are some pictures of the recent shows I have done. Its quite a different experience.

I worked really hard on the display. I did alot of research and what I read was, the display is 70% of your sales. In other words if you have a crappy display people are more inclined to not stop, where if you have a beautiful eye catching display people will be more prone to jump on in.




One of the things PUDDS offers are hard candies. I orginally wanted to make PUDDS and old fashioned candy/food store. I have drifted from that. That is something I am working on. These hard candies are actually suppose to be called “sea glass”. Working on that too.


Chocolate bark. Something I really enjoyed making. There are so many options here. This also still a work in progress. Getting the right thickness is key here, and difficult!


GRANOLA!!! I absolutely love this stuff. I received some granola from a foodie penpal box not too long ago. I LOOOVVED it! I thought I could make some of that! I love my flavors. Apple pie Granola, Pumpkin pie, banana nut bread, peanut butter! All of it soooo good.


More granola in cluster form. Great as a munch-er.


Caramellows!!! These were my biggest seller! Sweet creamy marshmallow smothered in homemade caramel! Amazing! These are a piece of history. Back in the day when husbands were at work, the wives took care of the kids and cleaned house. But they had some time to make these and sell them at the local mom and pop shops to make a penny or two.


Apple cider caramels! Another big hit. Caramel must be the thing this season! These too are amazing. I already have a Christmas order in for these.

So this is it. I will keep you posted on future accomplishments.



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Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow with Pop Rocks

Chocolate Dipped Marshmellow with Pop Rocks

These were super fun and super dooper easy to make! I finally got to use my pop rocks! Not in the way I wanted though. You will see what I mean by that when you read my Monday post on the butter Pecan Cupcakes.

I have been craving smore’s for a long time now. I like my smore’s with peanut butter smeared on the cracker, then my chocolate and then my toasted marshmallow! I like the chocolate to melt into the peanut butter making an ooey, gooey, mess!

Really this post has nothing to do with smore’s. But while I was walking down and isle in the grocery store I saw the new smore’s marshmallows. They are square and big. Perfect for sitting on a graham cracker. So I bought two bags.

Now what can I do with these? I kept walking. And whistling the tune to “Here in this Place”. It wasnt till one of the grocers picked up my tune and started singing it did I see the mint chocolate chips he was stocking on the shelves.

That is perfect!

Drizzle the mint chocolate chip onto the marshmallow and sprinkle pop rocks on it!

Its the Fourth of July coming up. Those pop rocks are a perfect mini explosion in your mouth.

These were a big hit at a local shindig we went too. The kids loved them.


1 Bag Marshmallow

1 Bag Chocolate (Any Kind)

20 Lollipop Sticks

6 Envelopes of Pop Rocks (Any Flavor)

1 Tablespoon Crisco


Put a marshmallow onto a lollipop stick. Then place in hole. (I took a box and stabbed holes in it then used it as a carrier for the pops, by placing the stick into the hole.)

Heat any type of chocolate (I used mint chocolate flavored chips) Melt it down to a liquid.

Add a little bit of Crisco to thin the chocolate for dipping.

Use a spoon and drizzle the melted chocolate over the marshmallow.

Quickly add the pop rocks so the chocolate holds them on.

I keep saying dipping. I did dip some of the marshmallows. However, they took a lot of chocolate , so I started to drizzle. To save chocolate. As it turns out they were much prettier anyway.



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